In the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Human Being is considered in its entirety, and is made of Energy (Qi) :
Wang Chong (27-97) wrote : «Qi creates the human body, as water gives ice. In the same way that water gives ice by freezing, Qi concentrates to create the human body. When the ice melts, it returns to water, once someone dies, he returns to spirit (Shen).»
If the Energy concentrates, the shape appears, if the Energy scatters, the shape dies.» (Yimen Falü)

Any imbalance (disease) must be treated globally, not only on the symptom. Chinese Medicine uses the Yin-Yang universal law, and the 5 elements theory. The Su-Wen tells : «Yin-Yang is the general law of the Universe, the conclusion of all things, the origin of the transformation of all, of growth-destruction». The two opposite aspects of Yin and Yang are never in a frozen situation, but constantly in the moving of increasing-decreasing : when Yin increases, then Yang decreases, and when Yang increases, then Yin decreases. In every Yin there’s a little of Yang, and in every Yang there’s a little of Yin.
The Tao Symbol (Universal Energy), represents Yin and Yang in balance :

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«Whereas the Yin and Yang concept classifies objects and phenomena into two opposing and complementary aspects, the wuxing theory (five elements or five movements), which is its extension, refers to five steps of the cyclic transformation, generates by the alternation of yin and yang, which also means that it refers to five ways of nature’s expression. Those five different ways of Qi (Energy) manifestation are symbolically represented by Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.» (Source : «Précis de Médecine Chinoise», Pr Eric Marié).
Each element is a group that includes an internal organ, body tissue, climate, stage of growth and development, emotion, aspect of the mind, taste, color, sound … For example, the group of Metal includes the lungs, the large intestine, the white color, the sadness emotion, spicy taste, the autumn season … The Elements are interacting, so we can do a diagnosis and so, an energetic treatment can be applied.
Receiving regular Shiatsu or Reïki care – or both – makes you get balanced in an energetic way (disease start to disappear), moreover, it is used as prevention to maintain this balance. it’s recommended to receive a care a week at first to be globally rebalanced, and then every three weeks to keep this balance. The two practices gives you, in addition to the balance, a great feeling of relaxation. To tell a little story, asian doctors were only paid when people stayed in good health, but not when they were sick !!

Non-exhaustive list of treated symptoms :

– GENERAL : exhaustion, tired, headaches, dizziness …
– MUSCULAR PAINS : diurnal or nocturnal cramps, aches ans pains …
– RHEUMATOLOGY : edema, arthrosis, arthrisis, torticollis, cervicalgia, dorsalgia, lumbago, sciatica, femoral nerve pain …
– GYNECOLOGY : heavy period, infrequent period, non regular, pre-menstrual syndromes, postpartum, menopause symptoms …
– E.N.T : sore throat, sinusitis, otitis, throat pains …
– NERVOUS AND EMOTIONAL SYSTEM : insomnia, anguish, nervous breakdown, depression, mental and emotional shocks, night awakening, spasmophilia, overwork, fears, sadness, irritability, anger, addictions, impossilibity of letting go …

– ENDOCRINE SYSTEM : hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism …
– RESPIRATORY SYSTEM : allergy, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, cough, rhinitis …
– DIGESTIVE SYSTEM : constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal distress, colitis …
– CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM : palpitations, heavy legs, high blood pressure, low blood pressure …
– DERMATOLOGY : acne, eczema …

Warning : a doctor’s advice is NECESSARY for the diagnosis of pathologies.


Ecole de Shiatsu FUJI-TAISHAN de Nice (Membre de la FFST (Fédération Française de Shiatsu Traditionnel, de l’UFPST (Union Française des Professionnels de Shiatsu Thérapeutique, membre et agréé par le SPS (Syndicat des Professionnels du Shiatsu) : le SPS étant la seule organisation représentative à délivrer un titre professionnel reconnu par l’Etat (journal officiel du 25/07/2015) ).
– Diplomée en Shiatsu Thérapeutique
– Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise et Moxibustion
– Seiteï

Transmis par Emmanuel Imbert, Maître Reïki Enseignant et Initiateur, de la lignée de Mikao Usui.
– Niveau 3ème Degré
– En projet : prochain et dernier niveau qui est la Maîtrise.


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