Born in Japan, Shiatsu rebalances everyone’s energy, acting on physical, psychological et emotional dimensions.

You are at the head of a company in «les Alpes-Maritimes» ? Improve your well-being and your employees’ one.
This is possible thanks to our sitting Shiatsu «Amma» practices.
This is a real therapy for the mind and body, this japanese practice will help your employees to feel better at work and to be more productive.
We could organize sessions, during a whole day or half a day at your own Company’s place in «les Alpes-Maritimes».
On the French Riviera, From Cannes to Monaco, we would help your employees to get more relaxed, and so, improve their well-being at work.

Shiatsu is a therapeutic energetic care that mostly uses rhythmic finger pressure, but also palm hands, elbow or knee on the body. Inspired from Chinese Traditional Medicine and from acupuncture, this practice works on the body balancing. Shiatsu makes vital energy flows within the whole body, to overcome the lack and excess areas.
The person sits on an ergonomic chair, adapted for Shiatsu «Amma» practice during 20 to 30 minutes. The practice is made on his back, his head, his neck, his arms and his hands.

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Shiatsu acts on stress, depression and overwork. it treats several symptoms, like muscles aches for example, and makes you healthier.
That japanese practice will improve the well-being your working team, and yours. The benefits of Shiatsu are lasting and can be felt until three weeks after the care.

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