I practice Koho Shiatsu, which is a therapeutic Shiatsu, created by Okuyama, originally called ``Medical Shiatsu``

Shiatsu literally means «finger pressure» (Shi-Atsu). It’s a japanese manual therapy, using pressures in rhythm, with mainly the thumbs, but also with the palms of the hands, the elbow, or the knee for example, on the whole human body, using the same theory as japanese traditional medicine. Stretch could also be used if it’s needed.

Shiatsu appeared at the beginning of the 20th century in Japan, it’s a combination of Anma (traditional massage) and chiropractic from the West.
It is one of the eight alternative approaches, in the A4-0075/97 resolution of the European Parliament, voted in 1997, May the 29th, as a «conventional medicine worthy of interest».

Shiatsu follows the basis of acupuncture, using meridians (energetic channels) of the body and acupuncture points. Shiatsu DOES NOT USE NEEDLES, which is good to people who don’t like or are scared of them.
By using his fingers, the practitioner can feel the points and so, can do the best pression adapted to the receiver, and then, do a better energetic transmission.

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Several techniques have been developped since the 20th century, like the Namikoshi’s one (original shiatsu), and the Matsunaga’s, a student of Namikoshi, who brought his technique in Europe, and his «Chinese traditional Medicine to the original Shiatsu» theory. Of course, more others techniques are existing.

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